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The United Kingdom, an island country situated on the northwestern coast of mainland Europe. The United Kingdom holds the whole of the island of Great Britain, which contains England, Scotland, and Wales as well as the northern part of the island of Ireland. England, the birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles is home to the capital, London, which is amongst the world's leading financial, commercial and cultural hubs. England is also the site of Bath's Roman spa, Neolithic Stonehenge and centuries-old universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

The United Kingdom has made notable contributions to the world economy, especially in industry and technology. Since World War II, however, the United Kingdom's most eminent exports have been cultural, including literature, film, television, theatre, and popular music that draw on all parts of the country. Maybe Britain's greatest contribution has been the English language, now spoken in every edge of the world as one of the chief international mediums of economic and cultural exchange. The UK is a popular destination for higher studies for international students around the world and is home to three of the top 10 universities in the world, according to the World University Rankings.

Benefits of Studying in the UK
Degree that issued in UK university will be recognised internationally by universities, employers and government bodies.
UK's education system's quality is considered as the best in the world.
Shorter span of courses in the UK helps students lessen the cost of study and living.
The English language support students to develop excellent language skills.
The unrivalled cultural diversity of life in the UK gives the chance to experience a multicultural environment.
Along with the study, students can work a part-time job, internship or placement.
Universities in the UK offer scholarship programs and funding opportunities to students based on merit.
Indian students in the UK are eligible to receive free medical treatment by the National Health Service if enrolled in a full-time course.
It is quite easy to obtain a UK Tier 4 General Student visa and the process is simpler, more transparent and user-friendly.

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