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Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with many coastal islands and inland lakes, along with glaciated mountains and vast boreal forests. Its principal cities, eastern capital Stockholm and southwestern Malmö and Gothenburg, are all coastal. Stockholm is built on 14 islands. It has more than 50 bridges to connect them, as well as the medieval old town, Gamla Stan, museums and royal palaces such as open-air Skansen. Sweden has a proud and long history of academic excellence. Despite its small population, Sweden is home to some of the world's best universities and higher education institutions.

While the official language of Sweden is Swedish, Swedes rated second in the world for skills in English as a second language. So students won't find language as a communication barrier. The international standing and quality of the Swedish education system need no explanation. Sweden gives an exciting and unique student life that is steeped in centuries of tradition. Centre to Scandinavia and close to central mainland Europe, Sweden is a prime location to act as a hub for discovering European adventure.

Benefits of Studying in Sweden
Sweden's investment in research is among the highest in the world concerning GDP.
The Swedish higher education system is regarded as one of the best in the world.
Several Swedish universities are rated as being among the world's best by the Times Higher Education and the Academic Ranking of World Universities.
Swedish universities are well-adapted to the needs and requirements of international students.
Swedish society is known for its equality and inclusiveness. Sweden introduced to as the most equal country in the world.
Many degree programmes in Sweden include internships, which are a great way to get real-world experience which helps students to get practical knowledge.
Sweden is the birthplace of many world-conquering companies like IKEA, TetraPak, Volvo, Ericsson, AstraZeneca and H&M which means that getting on the career ladder here can take you places.
Sweden's extensive network of public transportation like buses, trains, subways etc are widespread and will help you to travel at low cost.
Even though studies are prior, there's no legal limit to the number of hours international students can work during their studies.

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