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Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe, is known for its mountains, ski resorts and lakes. It is situated between the Adriatic Sea, Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Bled, a glacial lake fed by hot springs, famous for its mild healing climate and the thermal lake has a church-topped islet and a cliffside medieval castle. In Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, baroque facades mix with the 20th-century architecture of native Jože Plečnik, whose iconic Triple Bridge spans the tightly curving Ljubljanica River.

Slovenia is a true paradise for nature lovers. Green dominates most of the country as half of it is covered with forests and woods. Being situated right between central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, Slovenia is the perfect starting point for organizing different trips to enjoy your study years more memorable. Cultural events and festivals are part of their tradition as well. In Slovenia, it is to find something interesting to see, do or taste. Slovenians are easy to communicate with and one of the best things about them is that almost everyone speaks English fluently.

Benefits of Studying in Slovenia
Even though it is a small country, the country offers various opportunities for choosing an institution to proceed with your education.
There are both state and private universities and institutions that offer a variety of study programmes, many of which are conducted in English.
Slovenian universities offer tuition-free or low costs studies depending on the student's grades and merits.
Students can fully enjoy the study years by low transportation costs, cheap gym membership and language courses.
Slovenian universities have a partnership with other prestigious institutions around the world.
Balkan countries are known for their hospitality and you will feel the most comforted.
Slovenian universities provide student many opportunities to go on different types of exchanges.
Professors from the same partner institutions often come and provide lectures which are a great chance to get first-hand information for the universities they represent.
Students can have subsidized meals offered in a lot of restaurants around the country, especially in the cities like Ljubljana and Maribor.
In Slovenia, accommodation is super simple and affordable.

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