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Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic, is a landlocked country in Central Europe, brings you natural landscapes, mountains, caves, medieval castles and towns, folk architecture, spas and ski resorts. The country is situated in the middle of Europe and borders Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary and the northern half of Slovakia is taken up by vast mountains.

Slovakia's small size and mountainous terrain is possibly its biggest attraction, with almost 80 per cent of land 720m above sea level. It's dinky capital, Bratislava, can not only boast interesting history but is at the centre of the most dynamically developing regions, home to both quirky caf├ęs and thick forests. A mix of past and present prevails with historic palaces neighbouring modern shopping centres.

Slovakia is flourished by a very rich, old and diverse folk culture of songs, dances, music, fairy tales, literature and art. Slovak cuisine is heavily influenced by the surrounding countries, offering meat dishes which gives you a perfect opportunity to experience the unique regional tastes. Slovakia is world-famous for its icebergs as a skiing destination and offers over a thousand slopes and pistes for both the beginner and the more experienced.

Benefits of Studying in Slovakia
Slovakia does offer many scholarship options for the merited local and international students.
Dormitories are provided for the students by most of higher education institutes in Slovakia.
As a member of European Union, Slovak economy today is under constant rapid growth giving Slovakia's education and job environment a very promising future.
The work of study in Slovakia will be graded according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
The main teaching language has long been Slovak, but today Slovakia offers many undergraduate and graduate programs also in English.
If you study in Slovakia for more than 90 days, you will be able to get a temporary resident permit for studying.
Being graded according to the ECTS will make it very easy to transfer the grades both to and from Slovakia.

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