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Portugal is a beautiful southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula with 1,200 km of coastline and is bordered by Spain. Salt cod and grilled sardines are the national dishes and the Algarve's beaches are a major destination. Between the shore and the majestic mountains, there is everything from farmland to valleys. Nothing is lacking in beauty and the warm climate makes studying and living in Portugal a life of comfort and ease.

The wonderful scenery, an interesting blend of old buildings and new life, and the affordable lifestyle that accompanies studying in Portugal are just a shortlist of the benefits for international students. With several universities with quality education, and owning the third most widely spoken language in Europe outside of English and Spanish, this country is a perfect study destination. The best education and beautiful Mediterranean climate make Portugal the best option for studying abroad. International students who crave to get life and experience in various places instead of just one have this opportunity when they study in Portugal. It's a unique country that keeps showing you why being a small country has its advantages.

Benefits of Studying in Portugal
In Portugal, you'll find quality education in universities with excellent track records and reputations.
You will have the best study years in Portugal, as the Portuguese have a well-deserved reputation for being hospitable.
By learning Portuguese, you can acquire the world's sixth most spoken language and this is a great CV-booster once you graduate.
The Portuguese have a passion for the ocean and this allows you to learn or train all kinds of watersports like scuba diving, surfing, yachting etc.
Portugal will impress the international students by providing the low cost of tuition and the equally affordable cost of living.
With the exciting Bologna Accords and the continued union between most European nations, transferring between two to four universities is quite possible throughout Europe.
Portugal is a safe stable place to study with low crime rates.
Students who study in Portugal will have discounts to the metro, to museums and even to historical places.
Africa and Brazil are a strong tie that provides an association with Portugal and it will enrich students' lives as they study in this unique country.
There are a large number of courses and entire degree programs available in English.

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