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Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country situated in central Europe. For students from outside the European Union who come to study in Poland, it will be a fascinating adventure of discovering Europe. Studying in Poland means that you are invited to the European Union, of which Poland is an active member state. European Union offers not only varied and interesting cultures and the opportunities associated with strong, innovative economies, but it also provides the very best conditions for successful higher education study in a challenging and friendly atmosphere. With top-quality, internationally recognised degrees, almost no other region in the world can set your career off to such a promising start.

Studying in Poland has its advantages and not only in the sense of partying, meeting new people and having fun. Studying in Poland gives you an amazing opportunity to try many new things. Students in Poland have a lot of privileges and perks that both domestic and foreign students can take advantage of.

Benefits of Studying in Poland
The diploma issued in Poland after graduation is approved not only Europe-wide but also in key countries of the world.
Poland provide comfortable living conditions at relatively low prices. Even a dormitory is set up to the level of a three-star hotel.
Studying in Polish universities is more affordable than doing so in other European countries.
Students can work part-time while studying if they had a permit.
By studying in a Schengen Country it is possible to travel to 26 member countries.
ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) allows credits taken at one higher education institution to be counted towards a qualification studied for at another.
Students have an option to get extended residence permission after graduation.
Curriculum on international standards is available. Courses are taught in the English language too.
No TOEFL, IELTS required to study in Poland if education has been in English Medium.
Polish universities offer scholarships to support the merited students.
Many universities provide internship opportunities to help students acquire much required practical knowledge & experience.

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