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Hungary is a landlocked country which is situated in the heart of Europe with its capital, Budapest. And also one of the oldest European countries in Central Europe. The country shares its border with Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Hungary is a flat country, dominated by the Great Hungarian plain east of Danube, Europe's second-longest river which is located in Central and Eastern Europe. Hungary is famous for its historical urban centres, soothing landscapes, thermal water and rich culture. The only official language of the country is Hungarian which is unrelated to any of the neighbouring languages.

Hungary may not be one of the most sought out the study abroad destinations for university students, but its cultural richness and international opportunities are high. Studying in a Schengen State will make it possible to explore the rest of the Schengen countries by having a Schengen visa. Hungarian institutions have a high position in many university rankings, and certificates issued by the country are internationally recognized quality. Higher education has strong traditions with institutions operating for years in some cases. Numerous festivals and events keep occurring in the country that gives an amazing experience to the students. All universities of Hungary have some kind of student union that helps international students in socializing.

Benefits of Studying in Hungary
Hungary is one of the best and safest places to study.
The country is a Schengen State and also a member of the European Union.
The cost of studying in Hungary is affordable, compared to most other European countries.
Hungary is a perfect study destination for both EU and non-EU countries.
Living costs are relatively low but provide comfortable and excellent accommodation.
Many degree programs are taught in English and German language other than Hungarian.
There is an option for studying in Hungary without IELTS or TOEFL.
Perfect place for students can easily cope up with other cultures of other countries of the world.
Many regional and international companies offer internship opportunities.
Hungarian universities provide health insurance for students at low cost the end of their studies.
Students can work as a student worker with the same least payment and confirmed minimum wage rules.

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