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Finland is situated in the northern part of the European continent which is also one of the northernmost countries in the world. It is a country with breathtaking landscapes since most parts of the country have natural lakes and greeny forests that which have a lot to explore. The location between West and East is also shown in Finnish cuisine which is a mishmash of European, Russian and Scandinavian cooking. It is possible to reach many idyllic Scandinavian destinations when you study in Finland. And it is easy to access some of the worlds most beautiful sights.

Finland's geographic position, in between Eastern and Western Europe, has influenced the cultural expression of Finland. Students undertaking education in Finland can profit from an interesting historical heritage and unspoiled natural resources. The educational system in Finland is globally recognized as being of a very high standard. The two official languages of Finland are Finnish and Swedish are. In most higher educational institutions, the language of teaching is Finnish & Swedish. Additionally, There are complete degree programs taught in English for international students in many institutions.

Benefits of Studying in Finland
Finland has a low crime rate when comparing to other countries and even named as the safest country in the world.
Studying in Finland offers an opportunity to socialize and meet new people from all around the globe.
Finnish and Swedish is the mother language of Finland, however, most people in Finland speak English very well. So, there will be no problem in communication.
Most of the Finnish universities offer scholarship options for skilled and merited international students. These scholarships usually based on academic performance.
Universities in Finland offer more than 450 study programs in English, from short summer courses to full degree courses.
The cost of studying in Finland is cheaper and affordable when compared to many other European countries.
Finnish universities always provide many services, like healthcare services, student organizations and student housing services.
Many of the courses taught in the University of Helsinki are linked with research efforts crucial to the future of mankind.

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