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Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe and a Balkan nation with a distinct region including Black Sea coastline, a mountain range and rivers, including the Danube. It is bordered by Romania to the North, Greece and Turkey to the South, Serbia and Macedonia to the West, and the Black Sea to the East. A cultural melting pot with Slavic, Greek, Ottoman, and Persian. It has a rich heritage of traditional dance, music, crafts, and costumes. At the foot of the gigantic Vitosha mountain is it's the capital city, Sofia.

On the one side, Bulgaria has only newly started to become a famous destination for people who wish to study abroad. Hence, you will have more chance to meet local peoples and explore a different culture during your studies. On the other side, each city is getting more and more international so you can meet foreign people and allow you to enjoy your study life in Bulgaria to the fullest.

Benefits of Studying in Bulgaria
Bulgarian universities are consistently doing their best to attract students from all over the world by improving their services.
Generally, the tuition fee in Bulgaria is low when comparing other countries. Hence students can comfortably afford the cost of education.
Bulgaria is considered as the start-up champion of Europe, so it's easy to find a job during studies and even settle down after graduation.
Cost of living is a lot cheaper in comparison to other European cities. This aspect is quite important if you are only a student and you don't have much budget.
Bulgarian universities offer the best and fair admission requirements and even accept international students with different grades.
Certificates issued within the country are recognized internationally. Hence, if you wish to work or pursue another degree in abroad, it will be much easier to find one and get accepted.

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