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Accounting & Finance is involved with the concepts of money, business, banking and management, with stress on professions in this field. The terms 'Accounting' and 'Finance' are not similar to one another. Accounting is concerned with a range of information study and analysis, for several various viewpoints of a business. Finance, on the other hand, is concerned only with the financial funds of said business. This kind of degree is especially suitable for those who like mathematics but who also wish to apply these skills to the setting of business and increase one's knowledge of everything that related to it, be it management, economics or business law. There are large companies, employing hundreds of thousands of professionals in accountancy, auditing, investment banking and many other fields.

Another advantage of Accounting & Finance is joint honours options. Joint honours degree allow a student to study two subjects concurrently within the timeframe of one honour. It provides variation to the university experience, while the opportunity to study abroad allows students to explore more of the world while developing their knowledge in their course, in this case, Accounting & Finance. One of the best things about studying Accounting and Finance is that every business needs an accountant to control and maintain its finances and investments. So you can work in almost any industry around the world. Studying Accounting abroad opens you to new cultures and international work systems, and will also help to improve your language skills.

Career Opportunities

Jobs directly related to your degree include

  • Chartered accountant
  • Chartered certified accountant
  • Chartered management accountant
  • Chartered public finance account
  • Company secretary
  • External auditor
  • Forensic accountant
  • Stockbroker

Jobs where your degree would be useful include

  • Actuary
  • Business development manager
  • Data analyst
  • Economist
  • Accounting Technician
  • Licensed conveyancer
  • Investment Banker
  • Management consultant
  • Mortgage manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Retail banker
  • Tax adviser


  • GISMA Business School, Germany
  • The University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Toulouse Business School, France
  • Lancaster University Management School, England
  • Newcastle University Business School, England
  • University College Cork, Ireland
  • Antwerp Management School, Belgium
  • EDHEC Business School, France
  • BI Norwegian Business School - Oslo campus, Norway
  • Oxford Brookes University, England

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