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Punjab | Haryana | Chandigarh | New Delhi | Rajasthan | Uttrakhand | Uttar Pradesh | Jammu Gujarat | Madhya Pradesh | West Bengal | Telangana | Maharashtra | Karantaka | Kerala | Tamilnadu Nepal | Bangladesh



company owned and co operated



Franchise Owned and Company Operated



Franchise Owned and Franchise Operated

Franchise Fees

  • 3 - 4.5 Lacks

Agreement period

  • 2 Years

Setup cost

  • 5 -8 lac per 1000 sq ft


50 percent of all Commission receivable to be shared with branch after taxes

None commission paying countries processing fees to be shared equally as per structure mentioned in MOU.

Model one

  • Area required - 500 - 1000 sq ft
    ( Student visa and immigration services only )

Model two

  • Area required - 1000 - 3000 sq ft
    ( Student Visa, Immigration and Coaching Services )

Support included

First of all, a good layout map has to be created and the office interior should be pleasing. The office should be in a way that promotes the brand with the assistance of designs. All the activities like admission, processing, marketing plan, and day-to-day activities are assisted by the branch and marketing support person from the head office. Each franchise should have dedicated social media pages with videos and graphic designs for local marketing including a dedicated marketing team to run and monitor campaigns for leads generation, events promotions, etc. The staff hiring & Training assistance are being conducted from Head Office. Regular seminars, Workshops, and Education fairs should be conducted by partner Universities & Colleges. A monthly Visit by Regional Manager will be there. Twice a year education fair has to be conducted with MD's presence. Must do a visit abroad for FAM. Need to do media coverage of Inauguration and other important branch actives by partner PR Agency. As well each franchise has to maintain CRM, IVR and allied software. Need a separate official Domain id for branch Staff. The following are the materials required. Promotional Materials - booklets, leaflets, flyers, etc. Branch Welcome kit -Query Forms, Country Guides, Counselling Sheets, Staff Id Cards, Promotional Stationary, etc. Last but not the least to kick start Operations - Dedicated Executive will come and foresee first week operations of branch to get things going.

It is advisable to collect and keep a police clearance certificate for further use if there is any. We are expecting an annual 5 lac onward marketing budget commitment as well as six months of backup running cost.

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